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What is Cyldan?

Cyldan is a multiplayer online game.

Pictures of current Cyldan can be found from: here and the older version of the game from here.

Game's discord can be found from: Our forums are not active and will be removed at some point.

The game is a hobby project, so progress is often slow or nonexistant for long periods. As soon as the game is basic feature ready, server should be up 24/7.

Cyldan latest news

2020.12.27: Out of long hiatus

Cyldan development had a long hiatus during last year. Hopefully we can get back on track again. I restarted the development from scratch again. This will be the last try to get a working game in order.

I made huge changes in the client design that I just couldn't to in the old code base, it was just easier to start from scratch. This time for example server supports building on linux, so having a server host is far cheaper than it used to be. In fact, I already have a host, the game is just not really playable yet.

I'll make some kind of todo-page where the somewhat up-to-date progress can be seen.

Also, pop in to discord if you want to chat.